I’ve missed you so much
During this time away
I look forward to the time
We can play again some day.

Here are a few things
That I miss about you
Other than your smiling faces
All the things that you would do!

Climbing through the castle
Slipping down the slide
Digging in the sandbox
Flying the plane to make it glide.

Swiveling on the cars
Spinning on the swing
Running through the sprinkler

Sharing everything!

Splashing in the water
Spraying the garden hose
Dancing to the music
Striking a yoga pose!

Drawing pretty pictures
Squishing soft playdoh
Squeezing all the fidgets
Taking turns to make the train go!

Building big block towers
Bouncing all the balls
Roaming with the dinosaurs
Playing with the dolls.

Solving all the puzzles
Listening at story time
Painting masterpieces
Singing different rhymes.

Dressing up as superheroes

Doctoring to always help mend

Inspiring like a princess
And being a good friend.

These are just a few things
That I miss the most about you
And hope that soon that day will come

When I’ll see my TLC kiddo crew!



Ms. Manisha