This is a difficult time in our world. People are confused and concerned.


It is important to acknowledge the challenges we are all facing in our first blog post. Social distancing during this Covid-19 season can feel lonely or overwhelming, but we want to encourage you to practice this during this time.


Many of us are blessed to spend time with people we love and who are safe. But that is not the case for everyone. There are people in dangerous situations- distanced from social outlets that provide protection. Many people continue to work in office and remotely to ensure the safety for others. Serenity stands with those people- working remotely to ensure we can provide safe places for children in this season of uncertainty.


We rely on our families to make the best decision for their own home regarding placements. State agencies and FFAs like Serenity will be here to help with those decisions.


At Serenity we want to encourage you to look for the things we are blessed with:

  • We are grateful for our Resource Families actively loving and caring for children and their families.
  • We are grateful for technology that allows our children to still speak to and see their biological families while maintaining safe and healthy distances.
  • We are grateful for our staff working from homes around the greater Los Angeles area – ready to be there whenever needed.
  • We are grateful for our leadership for making the hard decisions that are best for everyone’s safety.
  • We are grateful for our State putting in measures to protect our citizens.
  • We are grateful for grace and peace that is found in faith.


Serenity is here- you are not alone. Our clients can call your social worker for support. If you are new to our community call us at (626-859-6200) or send us an email at We will do whatever we can to answer your questions and support your foster care journey.


Stay safe- and wash your hands!