Covid19 Los Angeles Community Resources list was provided to Serenity staff from a supportive DCFS worker. We wanted to pass it along to anyone who may need assistance. Please use the below contact information to get support- and share it.

We are all in this together- some are better off than others. Remember to take care of each other.


This document was created by people who are committed to our community’s health. As long as it is done to help others, you are welcome to add resources or copy them.


** All restaurants (sit in), gym, fitness studios, theaters, and bars closed starting MONDAY, MARCH 16 at 12am** (Read more here)


Categories under this heading include: food*housinghealthtransportationand education and are separated into four general categories: children and youth, adults, eldery and the undocumented community.

Food for all:

  • For the closest food pantry/bank to you, visit:

Los Angeles Food Bank Pantry Locator

Children and Youth (0-17)

  • Food: LAUSD is opening 60 sites providing two grab-and-go meals for students and families beginning on Wednesday, March 18th from 7am to 10am.

(For more information, click here!)

  • Food: List of all Alliance Campuses serving food from March 16-27 on weekdays from 8am to 12pm (for Alliance Charter School Scholars only)
  • Food: Free breakfast (8am-10am) provided by Eastside Riders for student in Watts community starting Monday, March 16, 2020 and ending Friday, March 20, 2020

(For more info, click here!)

  • Food: Free breakfast (730-930am), lunch (1130-130pm), and dinner (430-630) for all LAUSD students starting Monday, March 16, 2020 from 7:30am to 6:30pm at 2301 Bellevue Ave., Los Angeles 90026

(For more information, click here!)

  • FoodBeginning Monday, March 16th, Hugo’s kids menu will be free for guests 12 and under throughout the LAUSD closure.

(For more information, click here!)

  • Food: Los Angelitos Bakery offering 1 free bread to each child, aged 5-13 years old, Monday-Friday from 12pm-2pm

(For more information, click here!)

  • Food: Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, the city of Lynwood is offering supper meals for kids ages 1-18

(For more information, click here!)

  • Food: Starting Monday, March 16, 2020, kids 12 and under can eat for free at El Torito Restaurants

(For more information, click here!)

  • Food: Free Breakfast Burritos for children ages 6-12 years old. Pick up Monday-Friday 7am-8am
  • Toast: 11119 first ave los angeles ca
  • The Benediction: 17501 Colima Road, City of Industry
  • The Dylan: 190 S. State College Blvd, Brea
  • Food: Free Meals for Children Ages 5-17. Breakfast, lunch and snacks. Please bring School ID. This is for any child in the community. This will occur from 3/18/20-3/27/20 from 9:30am-12pm. Location will be from TEACH Academy. 10045 S. Western., Los Angeles, CA 90047. If you have any questions, call 562-665-6263.

(For more information, click here!)

  • Education: Free access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi For 60 Days For New K-12 and College Student Households

(For more information, click here!)

  • EducationFree access to L’il Libros worksheets for kids

(For more information, click here!)

  • Education: Starting Monday, March 16, students in Pre-K through 12th grade will have the opportunity to access free, educational PBS daytime programming designated for each grade level weekdays

(For more information, click here!)

  • Education: FB Group for parents to get support with home learning
  • Education: MIND Research Institute is offering no cost access to a free math instructional program for students in grades K-8

(For more information, click here!)

  • Education: Scholastic offers free, online learning experiences for kids of all ages

(For more information, click here!)

  • Education: PBS offers free educational daytime programming designated for K-12 each through the following channels:
  • Pre-K – 3rd grade on PBS SoCal
  • Pre-K – 12th grade on KLCS
  • 9th – 12th grade on KCET
  • (For more info: click here!)
  • Education: Free indoor Activities for Kids (in english only): For more information, click here!
  • Education: Virtual Trips

Adults (18-64)

  • If you are or know of a foster youth that is staying at a college dorm room that is going to be closed due to the coronavirus, please email and they will provide or help you find housing during this transition.
  • HousingThe Los Angeles Tenants Union is providing support around evictions. Find your local union at:
  • Francis Center provides meal services, clothing closets, showers/bathroom services, and rental and utility assistance programs (over the phone) for homeless and low-income individuals in Los Angeles

(For more information, click here!)

  • HousingCollege Students
  • U-Haul provides 30-day free storage for college students (For more information, click here!)

Eldery (65+)


Grocery Shopping

  • ALL 41 Northgate Market shopping locations will be open exclusively for seniors from 7am to 8am starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020.
  • (For more information, click here!)
  • ALL Vallarta supermarkets will be open for seniors, disabled people, and pregnant people from 7am to 8am starting Wednesday, March 18, 2020
  • (For more information, click here!)
  • Senior Shopping Hour at Grocery Outlet in Altadena (located at 2270 Lake Ave., Altadena, CA 91001) offers a shopping slot exclusively for the elderly from 7am to 8am every day starting on Thursday, March 17.
  • (For more information, click here!)
  • ALL Super A Markets will open one hour early to allow Seniors 65 years and up to exclusively shop during the hours of 7:00am- 8:00am before the store opens to the general public.
  • (For more information, click here!)
  • ALL Superior Grocers will open one hour early to allow Seniors 65 years and up and older and disabled folks to exclusively shop during the hours of 7:00am- 8:00am before the store opens to the general public.

(For more information, click here!)

Undocumented Community

  • Resource guide created by California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance available at
  • CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles) has a free hotline you can call if you think you have the Coronavirus at 888-624-4752. In California, immigrants have access to emergency care regardless of immigration status. More information here:

Trans/Queer Relief


What employees are entitled to may be confusing. THIS CHART makes it easier to understand what resources may be available. More information below.

Employment Issues

Paid Family Leave

**Paid family leave is available for those who stay home because they need to take care of someone who has contracted the virus (Covid-19) or who has been quarantined (must be certified by a medical professional). Learn how to file a Paid Family Leave Claim HERE.

Disability Benefits/Paid Sick Leave

**Disability benefits /paid sick leave are available for those who have actually contracted the virus themselves or who have been exposed to it and are quarantined (must be certified by a medical professional in the case of Disability Benefits). Learn how to file a Disability Insurance Claim HERE.

Unemployment Benefits

**Unemployment benefits are available to those whose hours have been reduced or who have lost their job due to coronavirus measures (and it also applies to those who choose to stay home due to underlying health issues making them more vulnerable). The Governor has waived the 1 week wait time and the person may not be required to be actively looking for work (as is usually required). Learn how to file an Unemployment Insurance Claim HERE.

  • Unfortunately though, this benefit is not available to undocumented persons whose hours are reduced or lose their job for reasons related to COVID-19, etc.
  • SCHOOL CLOSURES: If your child’s school is closed and you have to miss work to care for them. You might qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits. Learn how to file an Unemployment Insurance Claim HERE.

Worker’s Compensation

**Worker’s comp is available for those who are unable to do their usual job because they were exposed to and contracted Covid-19 while in the regular course of their job (i.e. healthcare workers)

Tax Assistance

Directly from the Employment Development Department: “Employers experiencing a hardship as a result of COVID-19 may request up to a 60-day extension of time from the EDD to file their state payroll reports and/or deposit state payroll taxes without penalty or interest. A written request for extension must be received within 60 days from the original delinquent date of the payment or return.

For questions, employers may call the EDD Taxpayer Assistance Center.

  • Toll-free from the U.S. or Canada: 1-888-745-3886
  • Hearing impaired (TTY): 1-800-547-9565
  • Outside the U.S. or Canada: 1-916-464-3502”

(For more information, click here!)

Resources Based on Type of Employment

  • For resources for freelance artists, click here!
  • For resources for bartenders, click here!
  • For resources for musicians, click here!
  • For resources for tipped workers/service workers, click here!

Impacted Businesses


  • The U.S. Small Business Administration offers up to $2 Million in Disaster Assistance Loans for Small Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

(For more information, click here, or contact the SBA disaster assistance customer service center at 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) or

  • Los Angeles City Small Business Emergency Microloan Program
  • How to get access to lending partners?  SBA has developed Lender Match, a free online referral tool that connects small businesses with participating SBA-approved lenders within 48 hours.
  • 7(a) programoffers loan amounts up to $5,000,000 and is an all-inclusive loan program deployed by lending partners for eligible small businesses within the U.S. States and its territories. The uses of proceeds include: working capital; expansion/renovation; new construction; purchase of land or buildings; purchase of equipment, fixtures; lease-hold improvements; refinancing debt for compelling reasons; seasonal line of credit; inventory; or starting a business.
  • Expressloan program provides loans up to $350,000 for no more than 7 years with an option to revolve. There is a turnaround time of 36 hours for approval or denial of a completed application. The uses of proceeds are the same as the standard 7(a) loan.
  • Community Advantage loan pilot program allows mission-based lenders to assist small businesses in underserved markets with a maximum loan size of $250,000. The uses of proceeds are the same as the standard 7(a) loan.
  • 504loan program is designed to foster economic development and job creation and/or retention. The eligible use of proceeds is limited to the acquisition or eligible refinance of fixed assets.
  • Microloanprogram involves making loans through nonprofit lending organizations to underserved markets. Authorized use of loan proceeds includes working capital, supplies, machinery & equipment, and fixtures (does not include real estate). The maximum loan amount is $50,000 with the average loan size of $14,000.
  • Exporting Assistance: SBA provides export loans to help small businesses achieve sales through exports and can help these businesses respond to opportunities and challenges associated with trade, such as COVID-19. The loans are available to U.S. small businesses that export directly overseas, or those that export indirectly by selling to a customer that then exports their products.
  • Export Expressloan program allows access to capital quickly for businesses that need financing up to $500,000. Businesses can apply for a line of credit or term note prior to finalizing an export sale or while pursuing opportunities overseas, such as identifying a new overseas customer should an export sale be lost due to COVID-19.
  • Export Working Capitalprogram enables small businesses to fulfill export orders and finance international sales by providing revolving lines of credit or transaction-based financing of up to $5 million. Businesses could use a loan to obtain or retain overseas customers by offering attractive payment terms.
  • International Tradeloan program helps small businesses engaged in international trade to retool or expand to better compete and react to changing business conditions. It can also help exporting firms to expand their sales to new markets or to re-shore operations back to the U.S.


Many businesses have business interruption insurance; now is the time to contact your insurance agent to review your policy to understand precisely what you are and are not covered for in the event of an extended incident.

Government Contracting

SBA is focused on assisting with the continuity of operations for small business contracting programs and small businesses with federal contracts. For more information on federal contracting, visit

More specifically:

  • 8(a) Business Development program serves to help provide a level playing field for small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged people or entities, and the government limits competition for certain contracts to businesses that participate. The 8(a) program offer and acceptance process is available nationwide, and the SBA continues to work with federal agencies to ensure maximum practicable opportunity to small businesses. 8(a) program participants should stay in touch with their Business Opportunity Specialist (BOS).
  • HUBZone program offers eligibility assistance every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 p.m. ET at 1-202-765-1264; access code 63068189#.  Members of the HUBZone team answer questions to help firms navigate the certification process.  For specific questions regarding an application, please contact the HUBZone Help Desk at
  • Women-owned Small Business firms who have questions, please visit or write to

Lay-Off Aversion

Rapid Response/Lay-off Aversion- Is your business facing the possibility of laying off employees or even closing? The Los Angeles County America’s Jobs Centers of California (AJCCs) can help you get your business back on track.  Specialized Business Service Representatives can work with you and your employees to minimize losses and improve morale. We can also assist your business with strategic planning to ensure that your business does not face a similar situation in the future. Contact your local Business Service Representative at an America’s Job Center of California (AJCC) for more information by emailing or calling (213) 810-1641.

Best Practices

  • Do your part to slow the spread
  • Avoid social gatherings of 10 people or more
  • Work or engage from home
  • If necessary, working on location or place of business make sure to conduct regular environmental cleaning i.e. wipe down with cleaning solution, sanitize workspace and make sure employees are washing hands on a regular basis.
  • Staff should wear and use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment according to your existing policies and procedures.
  • Have soap and paper towels in bathrooms at all times.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • California EDD has issued updated guidance on issues beyond unemployment insurance (e.g. caregiving for ill family members). CLICK HERE for that updated guidance.
  • California’s Department of Industrial Relations has issued updated guidance on what employers are expected to do to help promote hygiene/safety in the workplace. CLICK HERE for that updated guidance.
  • Marketing – It’s critical to communicate openly with your customers about the status of your operations, what protective measures you’ve implemented, and how they (as customers) will be protected when they visit your business. Promotions may also help incentivize customers who may be reluctant to patronize your business.
  • Consider providing in-home services i.e. provide free delivery, etc.
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Shortfalls – While the possibility could be remote, it is a prudent preparedness measure to ensure you have either adequate supplies of inventory for a sustained period and/or diversify your distributor sources in the event one supplier cannot meet an order request.
  • Share best practices with other businesses in your communities (especially those in your supply chain), chambers of commerce, and associations to improve community response efforts.

Service Planning Areas

Categories under this heading include: food, housing, health, transportation, and education and are separated into 8 Service Planning Areas

Service Planning Area 1: Antelope Valley (includes Acton, Agua Dulce, Gorman, Lake Hughes, Lake Los Angeles, Lancaster, Littlerock, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, and others.)

  • Food
  • Grace Resource Center, Inc.
  • 45134 N. Sierra Hwy, Lancaster, CA. 93534
  • Phone: 661-940-5272
  • Shekinah Worship Center
  • 42640 10th Street West, Lancaster, CA. 93534
  • Phone: 661-940-8378
  • Salvation Army – Lancaster Corp
  • 44517 Sierra Highway, Lancaster, CA. 93534
  • Phone: 661-940-8378
  • Palmdale Community Foundation-S.A.V.E.S.
  • 1012 East Avenue Q-12, Palmdale, CA. 93550
  • Phone: 661-267-5191
  • SA-Mountain View Mobile Home Park
  • 3255 E. Avenue R., Palmdale, CA. 93550
  • Main Office in the Mobile Home Park
  • Phone: 661-947-4700
  • Twin Lakes Community Church
  • 17213 Lake Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. 93591
  • Phone: 661-264-1215

Service Planning Area 2: San Fernando Valley (includes Burbank, Calabasas, Canoga Park, Canyon Country, Encino, Glendale, LA Cañada-Flintridge, San Fernando, Sherman Oaks, Sun Valley, Van Nuys, Woodland Hills, and others.)

  • Santa Clarita Valley School Food Services Agency (School Day Café) will provide student meals to all children at any of the designated locations. You do not need to be an enrolled student in order to receive meals at any of these locations. One bagged/boxed lunch per child (18 years and younger) will be provided.
  • This Wednesday (3/18) through Friday (3/20) from noon to 2:00 pm, a drive-up service for families for lunch service will be provided at the Santa Clarita Valley School Food Services Agency, 25210 Anza Drive, Santa Clarita, 91355.
  • Beginning Monday, March 23rd through Friday April 3rd, Drive-up Lunch Services will be provided from noon to 1:00 pm at the following locations during school days (Monday to Friday):
  • Santa Clarita Elementary – 27177 Seco Canyon Rd, Saugus, CA 91350
  • Cedarcreek Elementary – 27792 Camp Plenty Rd, Canyon Country, CA 91351
  • Rio Vista Elementary – 20417 Cedarcreek St, Canyon Country, CA 91351
  • Newhall Elementary – 24607 Walnut St, Newhall, CA 91321
  • Peachland Elementary – 24800 Peachland Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91321
  • Wiley Canyon Elementary – 24240 W La Glorita Cir, Newhall, CA 91321
  • J. Michael McGrath Elementary – 21501 Deputy Jake Dr, Newhall, CA 91321
  • Canyon Springs Community Elementary – 19059 Vicci St, Santa Clarita, CA 91351
  • Mitchell Community Elementary – 16821 Goodvale Rd, Canyon Country, CA 91387
  • Live Oak Elementary – 27715 Saddleridge Way, Castaic, CA 91384
  • Northlake Hills Elementary – 32545 Ridge Rte Rd, Castaic, CA 91384
  • LAUSD students living in SPA2 can receive two free meals per student from 7am to 2pm starting on Wednesday, March 18:
  • If you live in Sun Valley, please visit Byrd Middle School

(8501 Arleta Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352)

  • If you live in North Hollywood/Valley Village, please visit East Valley High School

(5525 Vineland Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601)

  • If you live in Panormama City, please visit Fulton College Prep

(7477 Kester Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91405)

  • If you live in San Fernando/Sylmar, please visit San Fernando High School

(11133 O’Melveny Ave, San Fernando, CA 91340)

  • If you live in Sunland/Tujunga, please visit Verdugo Hills High School

(10625 Plainview Ave, Tujunga, CA 91042)

  • If you live in Van Valley/Valley Glen, please visit Van Nuys High School

(6535 Cedros Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91411)

  • Care for homeless community AND food distribution
  • MEND Poverty
  • 10641 N. San Fernando Rd., Pacoima, CA 91331
  • Phone: (818) 897-2443 or (818) 896-0246
  • Fax: (818) 897-0128
  • Homeless care services on Tuesday mornings
  • Food distribution on Thursday and Fridays from 9 to 11 am

(For more info, click here and here!)

  • Food
  • Freedom Church:
  • 9200 Owensmouth, Chatsworth, CA 91311
  • Hosting grab & go FREE grocery pick up on Wednesday, 3/18 from 12pm to 2pm
  • SOVA – Community Food and Resource Program
  • 16439 Vanowen Street, Van Nuys, CA. 91406
  • Phone: 818-988-7682
  • House of Light Church Corporation
  • 19359 Londelius Street, Northridge, CA. 91324
  • Phone: 818-988-2931
  • Congregational Church of Chatsworth
  • 20440 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, CA. 91311
  • Phone: 818-882-2474
  • Burbank – Temporary Aid Center- B-TAC
  • 1304 West Burbank Boulevard, Burbank, CA. 91506
  • Phone: 818-848-2822
  • Loaves & Fishes-Glendale
  • 4322 San Fernando Road, Glendale, CA. 91204
  • Phone: 818-409-3080

Service Planning Area 3: San Gabriel Valley (includes Alhambra, Altadena, Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, Claremont, Covina, Diamond Bar, Duarte, El Monte, Glendora, Irwindale, Monrovia, Monterey Park, Highland Park, Pasadena, Pomona, San Dimas, San Gabriel, San Marino, Temple City, Walnut, West Covina, and others.)

  • Food
  • Freedom Church
  • 5609 York Blvd., Highland Park, CA 90042
  • Community meals for homeless friends EVERY Saturday
  • Foothill Unity Center
  • 191 North Oak Avenue, Pasadena, CA. 91107
  • Phone: 626-584-7420 / FAX: 626-584-7422
  • Friends In Deed Food Pantry
  • 444 East Washington Boulevard, Pasadena, CA. 91104
  • Pantry Phone: 626-797-6072, email-
  • Agency Phone: 626-797-2402, Fax: 626-797-7353
  • Foothill Unity Center – Monrovia
  • 415 West Chestnut Avenue, Monrovia, CA. 91016
  • Phone: 626-358-3486
  • Fax: 358-8224
  • El Monte and South El Monte
  • El Monte Emergency Resources – Food Bank
  • 10900 Mulhall Street, El Monte, CA. 91731
  • Phone: 626-444-7269
  • Salvation Army Food Bank – Pomona
  • 490 East LaVerne Avenue, Pomona, CA. 91767
  • Phone: 909- 623-1579 x201

Service Planning Area 4: Metro (includes Boyle Heights, Central City, Downtown LA, Echo Park, El Sereno, Hollywood, Mid-City Wilshire, Monterey Hills, Mount Washington, Silverlake, West Hollywood, and Westlake.)

  • Food/housing
  • Francis Center
  • 1835 South Hope Street, Los Angeles CA 90015
  • Phone: 213-747-5347
  • Services: breakfast service, case management, clothing closet, showers/bathroom services, pantry services, rental and utility assistant program (over the phone)
  • Food
  • Wilshire Boulevard Temple
  • 3663 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 90005
  • Phone: 213-388-2401
  • Silver Lake Community Church
  • 2930 Hyperion Avenue., Los Angeles, CA. 90010
  • Phone: 323-663-3151
  • Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church
  • 535 North Main Street, (cross street- Cesar Chavez)., Los Angeles, CA. 90012
  • Phone: 213-629-3101
  • Sova- Community Food and Resource Program
  • 1140 North La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood, CA. 90038
  • Phone: 818-988-7682
  • Food Net- Centro Maravilla
  • 4716 East Cesar Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. 90022
  • Phone: 323-260-2805
  • Sova – Community Food and Resource Program
  • 8846 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. 90035
  • Phone: 818-988-7682

Service Planning Area 5: West (includes Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Culver City, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Playa del Rey, Santa Monica, and Venice.)

  • Food
  • Augustine’s SAVES- Saint Augustine’s Volunteer
  • Emergency Services
  • 3820 Jasmine Avenue, Culver City, CA. 90232
  • Phone: 310-838-2702
  • Anne’s Church and Social Services
  • 2013 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA. 90232
  • Phone: 310-829-4411
  • WSFB – St. Joseph’s Center
  • 204 Hampton Drive, Venice, CA. 90291
  • Phone: 310-396-6468

Service Planning Area 6: South (includes Athens, Compton, Crenshaw, Florence, Hyde Park, Lynwood, Paramount, and Watts.)

  • Food
  • Food Net – East Rancho Dominguez
  • 15116 S. Atlantic Ave, Compton, CA 90221
  • Food Distribution: Tues- Fri 10am-4pm appointment needed.
  • Call 310-603-7401 for apt.
  • Shields for Families-Social Service Agency–Food Bank
  • 11705 Deputy Yamamoto Place
  • Lynwood, CA. 90262
  • Phone: 323-242-5000 ext. 4200
  • Food Distribution: Thursdays 10am- 2pm
  • Paramount Care Foundation
  • 8303 Alondra Boulevard, Paramount, CA. 90723
  • Phone: 562-531-6820
  • Lynwood High School
  • 4050 E Imperial Hwy, Lynwood, CA 90262
  • In the back of the campus, off of Harris St. Drive up/walk up
  • Firebaugh High School
  • 5246 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Lynwood, CA 90262
  • Front parking lot drive up/walk up
  • Cesar Chavez Middle School
  • 3898 Abbott Rd, Lynwood, CA 90262
  • Front parking lot drive up/walk up
  • Rosa Parks Elementary
  • 3900 Agnes Ave, Lynwood, CA 90262
  • Parking lot drive up/walk up
  • Helen Keller Elementary
  • 3521 Palm Ave, Lynwood, CA 90262
  • Student drop off area drive up/walk up

Service Planning Area 7: East (includes Artesia, Bell, Bellflower, Bell Gardens, Cerritos, City of Commerce, City Terrace, Cudahy, Downey, East Los Angeles, Hawaiian Gardens, Huntington Park, La Habra Heights, Lakewood, La Mirada, Los Nietos, Maywood, Montebello, Norwalk, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Signal Hill, South Gate, Vernon, Walnut Park, Whittier, and others.)

  • Food
  • Food Pantry – LAX
  • 355 East Beach Street (Between – LaBrea and Centinela Streets), South Gate, CA. 90280
  • Phone: 310-677-5597
  • Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank
  • 21411 Norwalk Boulevard, Hawaiian Gardens, CA. 90716
  • Phone: 562- 860-9097
  • Southeast Churches Service Center
  • 2780 East Gage Avenue, Huntington Park, CA. 90255
  • Phone: 323-585-8254
  • St Mary’s Place
  • 7215 Newlin Avenue, Whittier, CA. 90602
  • Phone: 562-698-0107

Service Planning Area 8: South Bay (includes Athens, Avalon, Carson, Catalina Island, El Segundo, Gardena, Harbor City, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Lawndale, Lennox, Long Beach*, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes Estates, Rancho Dominguez, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, San Pedro, Wilmington, and others.)

* City of Long Beach has its own Health Department

  • Food
  • Hawthorne School District is providing FREE grab and go breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday from 10-12pm until April 3rd at the following locations:
  • Eucalyptus Elementary
  • 12044 S. Eucalyptus Avenue., Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Kornblum Elementary
  • 3620 W. El Segundo Blvd., Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Prairie Vista Middle School
  • 13600 Prairie Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250
  • Washington Elementary/Hawthorne Middle School
  • 4339 W. 129th St., Hawthorne, CA 90250

For more information, please contact Nutrition Services Department at (310) 263-3990

  • Toberman Neighborhood Center
  • 131 N. Grand Ave., San Pedro CA 90230
  • WSFB –Salvation Army
  • 324 E. Queen Street, Inglewood, CA. 90301
  • Phone: 310-677-3375
  • Christ of Good Shepherd
  • Food Distribution Fridays 9:30am- 11:30am
  • Corner of 16thand Gundry
  • Phone: 562-674-0288
  • St Margaret’s Center
  • 10217 Inglewood Avenue, Lennox, CA. 90304
  • Phone: 310-672-2208



  • – EveryoneOn is a leading nonprofit that helps advocate at the local, state and federal level for affordable internet service and is connected to hundreds of local organizations across the country that can provide on-the-ground individual support (i.e. over the phone now, in person at a later date) to people that need help signing up. There are low-cost offers for low-income folks or families with K-12 students that EveryoneOn helped create and are available year-round, not only during emergency situations. Use their offer locator to find internet offers, and refurbished computers by zip code that are available now!
  • Southern California Edison Responds to COVID-19 Emergency, Suspends Service Disconnections (Source/More Information)
  • Eligibility: All Residential and Commercial Customers
  • Effective immediately, SCE will suspend disconnections for non-payment
  • Flexible Payment Plans to Impacted Customers
  • Eligibility: Customers who contact SCE and self-identify as being impacted financially by the COVID-19 emergency
  • Customers with current accounts – Will be offered a one-time, up to 60-day, extension
  • Customers with past due amounts – Will be offered up to 6-month payment arrangement
  • SCE will work with the customer to accommodate a customer’s unique situation that may result in a payment arrangement for up to 12 months (Source/More Information)
  • Edison International is giving $1M to community-based organizations to help #SoCal communities facing economic hardship because of quarantines, illnesses or school closures, starting with $150K to support the CA Community Foundation’s #COVID19 #LACounty Response Fund (For more information, click here!)
  • SPECTRUM Internet beginning Monday, March 16, 2020 and for the following 60 days:
  • Offers secure public wifi hotspots
  • Offers to continue their Spectrum Internet Assistprogram: high-speed broadband program to eligible low-income households
  • Offers two free months of internet and WiFi services for K-12 and college students affected by the current school closures, in households not already subscribed to Spectrum Internet

(For more information, click here!)

  • T-Mobile, for next 60 days:
  • ALL current T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers have unlimited smartphone data for the next 60 days (excluding roaming)
  • Giving all T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers 20GB of add’l mobile hotspot data
  • Increasing data for schools in our EmpowerED program to ensure each participant has access to at least 20GB of data per month
  • Making it free to call severely impacted countries
  • Are working with our Lifeline partners to provide customers extra free data up to 5GB per month over the next two months

(For more information, click here!)

  • AT&T, For the next 60 days beginning March 14th, 2020, AT&T is pledging to
  • Not terminate the service of any wireless, home phone or broadband residential or small business customer because of their inability to pay their bill due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic
  • Waive any late payment fees that any wireless, home phone or broadband residential or small business customer may incur because of economic hardship related to the coronavirus pandemic
  • Keep our public Wi-Fi hotspots open
  • Los Angeles Department of Water & Power still offering payment plan and suspending utility shut off for March (for now)

A Message from LADWP Regarding Power and Water Service During Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Public Works will not shut off or stop services for customers who are delinquent or behind in service or permit payments until this order is lifted. This includes water, sewer and trash pick-up services. For any inquires, Public Works’ 24 hour/7 day dispatch number is 800-675-435

WIC Services

  • WIC clinics under South Los Angeles Health Projects, PHFE, Watts Health Foundation, Pasadena, Long Beach, Antelope Valley, and Northeast Valley Health Corporation will remain open. WIC offices will remotely be issuing participants food benefits onto their WIC cards to avoid families from going out. For those families that have not yet gotten the new WIC card and wish to locate the nearest WIC clinic to them please call or visit the following websites for further guidance and assistance:

Mental Health

  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
  • Access Center 24/7 Helpline

(800) 854-7771       (562) 651-2549 TDD/TTY

  • Sliding scale clinics that provide low fee psychotherapy:
  • Wright Institute Los Angeles (West LA)

11845 W Olympic Blvd #505W, Los Angeles, CA 90064


  • Maple Center- Beverly Hills (They see kids and adults)

9107 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210       (310) 271-9999

  • Southern California Counseling Center (mid city)

5615 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019     (323) 937-1344

  • Rose City Counseling Center (Pasadena)

595 E Colorado Blvd #418, Pasadena, CA 91101   (626) 793-8609

  • Queer Anxiety Virtual Support: Queer Healing Oasis is offering an anxiety virtual support non-clinical space to share & cope. For more info email or call 818-233-1079, more info here:
  • Donation-based and no one turned away for lack of funds. As of March 17th, 2020, they are taking on 3 free clients.
  • QTBIPOC are prioritized

Holistic Health

  • Schedule a 15 minute zoom call for herbal support, heart medicine, and just a connection to share frustrations or a laugh
  • $5-$40 sliding scale donation, prioritizing indigenous, black, POC, queer, Non-Binary, Trans community

Domestic Violence

If you are concerned about being quarantined in an unsafe home situation or need help, all DV shelter resources are generally available on: The National Domestic Violence Hotline is also available 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3223 (TTY)

  • Sojourn Domestic Violence Services:  A shelter on the Westside of LA. The shelter is not accepting new referrals for the time being but their hotline is always open 24/7 for safety planning and peer counseling. Their hotline number is 310-264-6644.

(For more information, click here!)

Child Support Services

All Los Angeles County Child Support Services (CSS) locations are closed to the public effective Monday, March 16th until further notice.

(For more information, click here for English and click here for Spanish!)

  • Court DatesAll court cases will be continued to a new date. If you have an upcoming court date, you will receive a letter informing you of your new court date. If you have questions please call our Customer Contact Center at (866) 901-3212 or check our website ( for more information.

Child Care

  • Pathways LA is a nonprofit child care agency offering subsidized child care for low-income families. They are one of ten partnered agencies under the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles County. Parents eligible to receive services are able to choose a child care provider of their choice, which Pathways LA would then be responsible to process payment for. Affected parents are encouraged to seek child care assistance rather than allowing children to remain home alone and unsupervised.
  • At this time, offices are closed to the public; however, parents are able to apply online through their website at pathwaysla.orgor by phone at 213-427-2710. Any questions may also be addressed by our Resource and Referral Department to that same phone number.


Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order that authorizes local governments to halt evictions for renters and homeowners, slows foreclosures, and protects against utility shutoffs for Californians affected by COVID-19.

  • The order does not relieve a tenant from the obligation to pay rent, or restrict the landlord’s ability to recover rent that is due. The protections are in effect through May 31, 2020, unless extended. The order also requests banks and other financial institutions to halt foreclosures and related evictions during this time period. The full Executive Order can be found here.


Alcoholics Anonymous


Other Resources

  • Reporting Racism/Xenophobia:
  • 211 is now taking reports of racism/xenophobia related to coronavirus. If you have been the victim of or witness to an act of violence, bullying, harassment, threat, or other act motivated by hate, please fill out the Hate Incident Report Formor call 2-1-1 to file a report and be connected to support services.
  • Low Cost Auto Insurance: CA Low Cost Auto is a state-sponsored program, passed by the CA legislature and managed by the CA Department of Insurance.  The program provides affordable, low cost liability insurance to eligible California drivers whose income is 250% or below the Federal Poverty Guidelines and benefits not just low-income drivers, many middle-class households may qualify.

(For more information, click the link above or click here!)

  • Price Gouging: Price gouging is the act of a business raising prices of needed products and services over 10% during a declared emergency.
  • Price gouging is prohibited and is governed by California Penal Code 396 and the Los Angeles County Price Gouging Ordinance. For 30 days following the declaration of emergency, it is illegal for a person, contractor, or business to sell or offer to sell any food items or goods or service for a price of more than 10 percent above the price charged by that person or business immediately before the declaration of emergency was issued.
  • Typically, this statute applies for 30 days after an emergency declaration. However, the statute applies for 180 days for reconstruction services and emergency cleanup services. State and local municipalities may extend the effective period of the statute beyond these timeframes.
  • If you believe that you have been a victim of price gouging or you suspect a business is price gouging, contact the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs at (800) 593-8222.
  • Walgreens
  • Google Hangouts
  • Starting March 3, 2020, we will begin rolling out free access to our advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally including
  • Larger meetings, for up to 250 participants per call
  • Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain
  • The ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive
  • These features are typically available in the Enterprise edition of G Suite and in G Suite Enterprise for Education, and will be available at no additional cost to all customers until July 1, 2020. If you need help getting started, please visit our learning center page or follow the instructions outlined in our message to G Suite admins
  • More Info:
  • LA County Library
  • Due dates for borrowed materials will automatically be extended, no late fines will be assessed, and customers can return materials when the Library reopens.
  • As of March 18th, the LA County Library is offering temporary digital cards for digital resources for 90 days. With the temporary card you can access e-books, audiobooks, magazines, movies and TV streaming, homework help, online classes, and more. Fill out this form:
  • Library Access from Home 24/7: All you need is your library card number and PIN. ReadeBooks and listen to audiobooks on OverDrive or Libby. Stream movies and TV shows on Kanopy and Hoopla. Check out digital magazines via RBdigital. Stream music on Freegal. If you’re a parent or caregiver, sign up for ReadyRosie to get texts or emails with ideas for family engagement tips and early learning opportunities, or check out our TumbleBook Library, an online collection of animated and talking picture books. Kids and learners of all ages can get one-on-one homework help and tutoring from 12 – 10 pm every day on Brainfuse. For more information, click here!