In foster care, we are familiar with trauma. While there are many varied experiences, each child that comes into our care has lived through trauma. We know from both science and life that trauma affects functioning.


Do you know that a pandemic is a traumatic experience?


Whether you experience the illness in your family or not, the changes to routine, the fear we live in, the removal from people- are all traumatic. As parents, it is easy to think only about the needs of your child(ren). So we organize video calls, new art actives, this sensory game, that outdoor game, and make sure each piece of homework and online school work is done. If we can focus on them, then we do not have to look at what we are feeling and experiencing.


Do you know that this pandemic is a traumatic experience for adults too?


Trauma affects adult functioning, just as it does with children. Airlines consistently remind us to secure our masks before assisting children or others with theirs. You can only be helpful if you are able to function well.


As Stress Awareness month wraps up, we want to encourage you to take care of yourself. Practice self-care. This will look different for everyone. Perhaps you like to bake, read, paint, exercise, or maybe adding anything more to your schedules is worse. Self-care can be as complex as organizing your garage or as simple as a glass of sweet iced tea.


Know yourself, know your needs, and give yourself grace to recharge.


Serenity is here.

Call your social worker for support- let us know how we can partner with you to navigate this as a team.