Sadly Soccer-Fest was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the amazing women who organize the event each year have worked to provide an online auction to raise money for Serenity!

After 30 years of serving Southern California, Serenity has seen many children in foster care grow up to have their own children in foster care. This is they cycle of abuse. Serenity’s mission is to provide healing to children and restoration to families through the provision of treatment, resources and quality care, ending that cycle in families now. While Serenity is licensed with four Southern California counties, the heart of Serenity focuses on children in the Los Angeles foster care system. LA County makes up over half of the entire California State child welfare system. With an average of 30,000 children in foster care each year, LA County is the largest foster care system in the country.

Children in foster care are often seen as troubled or defiant. The reality is each child in foster care is there at no fault of their own. Every child has experienced trauma, whether that is being exposed to drugs in utero, being left alone with no safe adult, or being abused during domestic violence outbursts. Serenity exists to ensure that each child is seen as just that, a child in need of love and safety. Serenity believes in the importance of attachment, connection, safety, and therapeutic interventions that can alter the course of a child’s life. All of the foster homes approved through Serenity are vetted for safety, support, and willingness to support the biological families as they work towards healing.

Change is made one family at a time. Communities heal one family at a time.

Please join us online this weekend- for the Serenity Soccer-Fest 2020 Auction- as we work to raise money and awareness for children in foster care!